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Total Product Solutions

Overseas value. Domestic convenience.

For over 40 years, GRT-Mars has helped companies of all types bring products to market in a quick and cost effective way. We have an in-house team of mechanical and electrical engineers to design and refine your product, domestic and off-shore manufacturing partners to get it produced, and an expert team of project managers and logistics coordinators to make sure it all goes smoothly and according to plan.

With leadership in Industrial design, Engineering services, Global Contract Manufacturing and Supply management, GRT-Mars quickly turns innovative ideas into products at the best possible cost. GRT-Mars gives its customers access to an integrated resource, minimizing new development risk and maximizing results. Whether you need a turn-key solution or want to save cost and increase efficiency for a specific component, your solution is in our unique capabilities and comprehensive services.

GRT-Mars is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with global manufacturing partners also operating within this methodology for quality assurance in design, development, production and service. With those processes in place, our customers experience dramatic results that include innovative product design, total cost reduction and shorter time-to-market cycles.

The GRT-Mars solution reflects our commitment to total quality excellence and three key principles:

Generation: GRT-Mars' product development services include user research, industrial design, computer simulation, mechanical and electrical engineering and software. Models, prototypes and testing services are provided for design verification purposes. We can create, modify and improve at any and all stages of product development.

Realization: We help you focus on your core competencies. Providing either complete product management or targeted component solutions, GRT-Mars will answer your needs for cost savings, time-to-market, design efficiency, supply-chain management and JIT inventory management. Our expertise is helping you achieve your design and manufacturing goals.

Technology: Our manufacturing facilities span a variety of technologies, including injection-molded plastics, metal casings and stampings, electronic components and assemblies, and market-ready products. Most of our manufacturing is performed on a custom OEM basis. In addition, we have several proprietary product lines in wireless controls, audio and specialty ornaments and accessories.

Our Global Contract Manufacturing Capabilities include:

GRT-MARS was first certified ISO 9000 in May 2001by SGS, a leading international ISO consulting and audit firm. In August 2003, we received ISO 9001:2000 certification. By earning ISO 9001:2000 certification, GRT-MARS affirms its commitment to a quality management system dedicated to delivering services of consistently high quality quality that is paramount to our many, varied clients with global interests.